Pocket-WiFi 7GB Limit

Order your very own Pocket-WiFi device at Tojapan.nl to stay connected everywhere in Japan. Ideal for checking maps and routes, departure times and of course for staying in touch with your friends and family. Up to 10 devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) can be connected to one pocket WiFi router.
With the 7GB pocket-WiFi, you can surf the internet with a fast connection of 4G, up to 7GB usage. After that you can still use the device, but the connection will switch to a noticeably lower speed.

7GB Limited Internet Access ・Enabling Hybrid 4G LTE (High Speed) ・Battery life : Approx. 10 hours

Know before Purchase

  • Please order at least one week before arrival.

  • The device can only be picked-up at an airport counter.

  • Return the device to an airport counter on the final day of usage.

  • A charger for the device and usage information are included.

  • In case of late return, a fine of €15 per day applies.

  • In case of loss of the device, a fine of €250 applies.

  • Please note: The portable wifi router operates the most efficiently when you only connect to the device when in need of a wifi connection: the router is not suited to stay connected to devices that are on standby, as this may drain the battery.

Cancellation Policy

  • Up to 11 business days before date of use: free of charge

  • From 10 business days before date of use: 100% charge


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