Unlimited data SIM card for travelling in Japan! (16days)

Short summary
This must-buy SIM card provides you unlimited internet data usage (up to 16 days) for your stay in Japan. No need to worry about data limitation nor extra fees. Stay connected and share your photos and videos with your family and friends!

How to use
After receiving the SIM card, please follow our English instructions to install the card into your phone. The card can be used in regular, Micro and Nano SIM compatible forms.

– Unlimited data and internet in Japan.
– No speed limit.
– You can use your own phone to stay online.
– Easy-to-install with English manual.
– Valid for up to 16 days.

* Please make sure that you have a Sim-free phone.
* One-time activation (configuration) is required to use internet.
* Above is based on normal use. If overused ~ 2 GB in 1 day (e.g. streaming movies etc) the service may slow down significantly, to around 200kbs. If this occurs, the solution to restore the service to original speed is to not use it for 1 day. Afterwards, the speed should be back to normal.

With Unlimited data SIM, you can
– Use the internet without worrying about data limitations or extra fees.
– Stay connected & reachable with your friends and family.
– Easily check for directions by using online maps.
– Language translation, no language barrier!
– Look up travel tips, things-to-do, and the best places to go in Japan.

Worth considering SIM over Wifi-router, if you are
– Using 1 phone (instead of connecting multiple devices via Wifi router)
– Travelling light, as the SIM card is much lighter than the Wifi-router.
– Travelling longer (up to 16 days) in Japan.

– Unlimited data & internet up to 16 days.
– No data limitation, feel free to send pictures and videos as much as you want!
– Easy to install, English instruction with local English speaking assistance in Japan.

Know before Purchase

  • Valid for use of up to 16 days

  • Please make sure that you have a Sim-free phone

  • One-time activation (configuration) is required to use internet

Cancellation Policy

  • Non-refundable and non-changeable after purchase


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